Saturday 17th of September 2022
9 pm > 11 pm – Loop screening

Total duration of the creations: approx. 20 min
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Video mapping tour at the Historial of the Great War: Place André Audinot
80200 Péronne
Video mapping tour

The Video Mapping Festival returns to the Historial of the Great War in Péronne on the occasion of the European Heritage Days, with a video mapping tour that will take you on a journey through different forms of mapping: monument mapping on the facade, immersive mapping in the inner courtyard and micro mapping on the museum’s collections.

Castle’s facade:

► To be born elsewhere, or the extraordinary journey of Astoria and Minut
Astoria, the last creature of her species, lives with her little companion Minut in a world saturated with electrical storms and toxic fumes. Together they decide to embark on a long journey that will take them on an extraordinary adventure.

Direction and animation: Franck DION
Original music: Géraldine KWIK
Light creation: Quentin CROUIN (Canard)
Inner courtyard:

► Front to back – 1914/1918
Reflecting the approach of the museum, this creation is an overview of a total war affecting different nations and society as a whole: from the front in the trenches, to the back, changing the place of women.

Direction: Morgane PHILIPPE
Animation: Morgane PHILIPPE, Loan LE HOANG
Original music: Virgile GUIOST
Mapping on a museum wall (interior):

► Dreams of the year 2000
At the dawn of the 20th century, cartoonist Jean-Marc Côté imagines what the world of the year 2000 might look like. Let’s follow him in his overflowing imagination!

Supervision: Stéphanie LÉONARD
Model creation: Stéphanie LÉONARD
Animation: Rachel ANCIAUX, Stéphanie LÉONARD
Original music: Erick BEJARANO
Statue – interactive video mapping:

► Choregraphism
In front of the work, the spectator puts himself in the shoes of the sculptor. This interactive mapping allows them to build and deconstruct the statue as they wish. A game of materials, lights and sounds, orchestrated by the choreography of the arm and the hand.

Direction, animation and interactivity: Simon LEBON
Original music and sound design: Géraldine KWIK

► Missives
A tribute to the letters that were once sent between families and soldiers at the front. Letters that are often full of love and comfort, but can be tinged with despair at the reality of war.

Direction and animation: Laurence DE WILDE
Original music: Virgile GUIOST

HAM – City Hall
Friday 9th of September – 9 pm > 12 am
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​​ESTRÉES-DENIÉCOURT – Saint-Quentin Church
Saturday 10th of September – 9 pm > 11 pm
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Video mapping tour created for the Video Mapping Festival organised by Rencontres Audiovisuelles, in collaboration with the Historial of the Great War.

The Video Mapping Festival in Péronne is co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development as part of the Picardy Rural Development Programme: Europe invests in rural areas.

In collaboration with the Hauts-de-France Region, PETR Cœur des Hauts-de-France and the City of Péronne.


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