Video mapping competition

Saturday 12th of March 2022 / 2:30 pm > 5 pm
maison Folie Moulins, Lille

Every year, the Video Mapping Festival offers a video mapping competition to reward the best productions of the year.

The video mapping selected during a pre-selection will be presented to the public in the form of video recordings on Saturday 12th of March 2022 at the maison Folie Moulins, Lille

A Jury composed of mapping professionals (artists, festival programmers, producers, researchers, etc.) will award the prizes on Saturday 12th of March 2022 at 7:30 pm.


. __STROY studio (Czech Republic) - Digital Sauna (360° immersive video mapping)
. Aural Eye Studio (Romania) - Modernist Dream Cage (monument video mapping)
. Dies_ (Italy) - Slice of Life (monument video mapping)
. Nele Fack (Belgium) - Supraluminique (monument video mapping)
. FLIGHTGRAF (Japan) - Rhythm and Line (monument video mapping)
. Glitch (Belgium) - OSMOSE (monument video mapping)
. Limbic Cinema (United Kingdom) - Spectra (object video mapping)
. Lumine Projections (Austria) - re:flexion (360° immersive video mapping)
. Meshsplash studio (Russia) - Nebula (monument video mapping)
. Igor Shin Moromisato & Parisa Karimi (Germany) - Duldung. A Micro Mapping In Two Parts (object video mapping)
. Jérémy Oury (France) - PRISM (monument video mapping)
. OYÉ (France) - AR-Lumen (monument video mapping)
. Morgane Philippe (France) - Le voyageur perdu (monument video mapping)
. Filip Roca (Spain) - Volumen (object video mapping)
. Julia Shamsheieva (Ukraine) - The Other Side of the Light (monument video mapping)
. SKG+ Media (China) - Flying Horse (360° immersive video mapping)
. Studio ÉNORME (France) - SWING (monument video mapping)
. John Tettenborn, Kourtney Lara Ross (Germany) - Blessing to Misfortune (monument video mapping)
. xenorama (Germany) - BE\\LONGING (monument video mapping)


. László Bordos - artist (Hungary) - President of the Jury
. François Boucq - comics artist (France)
. Can Büyükberber - visual artist and director (Turkey)
. Dorothy Di Stefano - founder of Molten Immersive Art, visual arts advisor (Australia)
. Anastasia Isachsen - artist and artistic director, Fjord Oslo Festival (Norway)

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