Saturday 11th of June 2022
10:30 pm > 11:30 pm – Loop screening

Duration: approx. 5 min
> Facebook event

Dutemple Social Centre
Rue de Petite Forêt
59300 Valenciennes
Monument video mapping

The Video Mapping Festival invites itself to the Dutemple Social Centre in Valenciennes with a mapping created entirely by children during an educational workshop lasting several days.

► The Final Straw
In a quiet valley where animals of the forest live, everything seems to be going well.
One fine day, without warning, humans decide to raze everything to the ground to create factories and exploit the land.
But nature has never said its last word and intends to let them know it!

Creative team: Educational workshop with chilren – Dutemple Social Centre, Valenciennes
Supervising staff: Nicolas CAMARTY
Editing and sound creation: Nicolas CAMARTY


Video mapping created for the Video Mapping Festival organised by Rencontres Audiovisuelles, as part of an educational workshop.

In collaboration with the Dutemple Social Centre.


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